A Reaction To My Wife And I's Story

Relationship Design

A couple of days ago I posted the story about Pam and I’s journey in marriage. I’m humbled by all the responses and the willingness of others to share similar stories.
There are two reasons why I think our story was worth sharing. One is to let others in the midst of struggle and crisis know that it is survivable. You can come out the other end better and more alive. And two, is to hopefully inspire others to be willing to stick it out through the tough times.
No marriage is immune to struggle – in fact, no life is either. I’m not an advocate of making your marriage work at all costs, if you are married to an abusive spouse or a habitual cheater then you are really putting yourself at risk by staying. But I do believe marriage is a big commitment and deserves a great deal of respect and effort.
My hope is that when the rough times come in your marriage, as I’m sure they will again to some degree in mine, you will step up, grow up, and work through it together.
A marriage fully alive doesn’t happen by chance – it’s designed by both of you.
May God bless your marriage and relationships. ~Corey