8 Proven Ways To Create Great Dates

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Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Sarah Baron of Anonymous8.
Out of curiosity, we asked the readers of Anonymous8 the following question:  “What is the best/most memorable date night you’ve ever had?”
Boy were we surprised. We received over 350 answers, and these aren’t just answers. They are hilarious, romantic, stand-out stories (which I find much more interesting).
Next we studied the answers to look for trends. We found some interesting and unexpected themes that we boiled down to eight overall conclusions. Before we get to those, there was one big surprise. Money and spending lots of it had nothing to do with creating memorable date nights in at least half the cases.
These 8 overall conclusions do not apply to every example.  However, every example of a great date night has one of these elements.

  1. In many cases, couples do something new or different. And by new and different, we mean something that is unique to them in a lifetime. This can include travel to a new place, driving tanks, or attending a concert or festival.
  2. Couples in tough times financially find creative and inexpensive ways to spend time together.  It seems to be the “we’re in it together” and “let’s have some fun” and “wow, look at how well we can do when we figure this out” mode.  This came across in the answers all over the place. It’s almost an adventure – in cleverness, thinking outside the box, in ingenuity, and in resourcefulness.
  3. Couples actually have an adventure. They start off in one direction and unforeseen circumstances (generally hilarious mishaps) lead them to completely different outcomes.  Or they decide to go on an unplanned trip and just see where fate and their car or their feet or their bikes take them.
  4. They do something in nature – hikes, moon watching, geocaching, stargazing, observing a great sunrise.
  5. In almost every case, there is a lot of time for talk and good and meaningful discussion on these dates.
  6. Someone surprises the other – with a weekend away, a hotel room, a special date night, an engagement ring.  The significant thing about the surprise is the time and effort and love put into it by both the surpriser and the surprisee (new words, but I think you get the picture).
  7. There is a commitment by both people to have fun and enjoy each other’s company.  I know that this may seem obvious, but I think many  (including myself until I studied your answers) take that concept for granted.  Think about it.  Remember what it was like early on when you both had fun together and wanted to be together. The key word is that you BOTH wanted the evening or date to work, so you were charming, funny, (and you didn’t have the history you now have) engaged and engaging, and probably you overlooked certain “foibles.” You were in it for the fun of it.
  8. You accomplish something as a couple. This was a surprise for me, mostly because you don’t think of date nights or days as a means of “accomplishing“ anything.  However, several commented that when they volunteered or pull off something as a couple (even solving a problem), that was memorable for them.

To see the specifics of these date nights, we compiled them in a free ebook. You won’t be disappointed.  They are amazing stories. Get your copy here.
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