7 Benefits to a Road Trip Date


Road Trip Date

Post written by dates and romance columnist Sean Marshall of Family Rocketship.

There’s just something magic about going on a road trip with your spouse.
The combination of being together, going somewhere cool, and miles of open road is exciting.
For this reason, road trips make one of the best kinds of dates. In fact, here are seven reasons why.
#1 – Get Out of the House
First and foremost, a road trip changes up the routine and gets you out of the house. But it’s not like simply going to a dinner and a movie.
It’s taking off on an adventure together. A road trip combines anticipation, adventure, and exploration all at once.
#2 – Time Alone in the Car
Getting in the car and cruising the open road means a lot of time together. What does this mean?
It’s time to communicate of course! This is one of the most important aspects of any relationship. Now you have literally hours of uninterrupted alone time to talk.
You can talk about the good stuff, the funny stuff, and maybe even the challenges you’re having.
I’ve found my wife and I will share experiences from our past that we didn’t know about each other before. Usually they turn about to be funny stories.
#3 – Crank the Tunes
In addition to quality conversation, good music enhances any road trip. When you crank the tunes, you let your guard down.
Even if you’re not so great at singing, you can let it rip when you’re alone with your loved one.
It’s even fun to introduce each other to new music or take turns playing your favorite songs.
#4 – Work Together
Sometimes the open road throws some challenges your way. Traffic jams, accidents, even getting lost.
It’s these times where you can really grow closer together by overcoming the challenge at hand.
One time while traveling in Paris, my wife and I got lost. We had to really work together to figure out the map.
I learned quickly that my wife was much more patient and was able to calm me down. In the end, we made it to our destination just fine through working together.
#5 – Discover Something New Together
The open road holds the keys to discovery.
Maybe it’s an old diner off the side of the road. Maybe it’s a beautiful lookout. Maybe it’s just a nice meadow perfect for making out.
You never know what might be just over the hill. In my experience, you can often find a cool new “favorite place” that you have to go to when passing through the area again.
#6 – Create Memories
When was the last time you took a picture of your night out to the movies? It’s probably never happened.
A good road trip however is full of memory making. There are new places to see, new foods to eat, new people to meet, and more.
By just plain moving and seeing something new (made easy by a car) you’re able to experience new things together and this guarantees lasting memories.
#7 – Come Home Closer
After a long road trip, nothing beats coming home.
What’s great about a road trip as a date is that it helps you come home having experienced more together.
You’ll have grown together. You’ll be closer. You’ll be more in love.
And this is the point of it all. Isn’t it?
What experiences have you had road tripping with your loved one?