5 Ways to Update Your Mom-iform

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This is a guest post from Sherri Dickens of Edit by Lauren.

As in, mom-uniforms.
C’mon ladies.
We all have one, don’t we?  Yours may involve jeans and a t-shirt.  Or maybe it’s yoga pants and a sweatshirt.  Or possibly even, gasp, the same outfit three days in a row.
Listen. There’s no judgement here, sister.  I have a mom-iform, and I’m a wardrobe stylist.  Which means I’m great at dressing other people. (It also means that I need to learn to take my own advice.)
The moms with whom I work are all juggling a LOT.  From careers, to motherhood, to running a household, there’s very little time left over for appearance. And while it’s not necessary to hold ourselves to the standard of that perfectly made-up and put-together mom (who actually exists only in our minds), it IS necessary to feel good about ourselves.  It’s important for our marriages.  It’s important for the self-confidence we want to model for our children.
With that said, I’m not asking you to give up your mom-iform. But I am going to share five easy (and inexpensive) ways to help you kick it up a notch.
1.  Add a blazer
One of the most immediate ways to spice up your look is to throw on a classic blazer.  Black is your best bet for maximum wearability, but there are some fun colors out for spring, if you’re of the daring and adventurous variety.  There are fabulous blazers at every price point; here’s a great budget friendly option to check out.
For an on-trend date night look (hi, Valentine’s Day!), wear your blazer with an embellished tank, cuffed skinny jeans, and some heels.
2.  Wear some booties
Booties (ankle boots) instantly update a casual look, and also pair well with dresses and tights. Bonus?  They are much more comfortable than high heels.
My favorite pair is this extremely affordable bootie, at Target.  It’s super flattering, because it’s cut low on the ankle.  I’d love these with a casual dress, some tights, and maybe a cropped leather jacket.
3.  Invest in a pair of skinny jeans
Skinny jeans are, hands down, the quickest and easiest way to update your look.  So many women are afraid they can’t wear this trend.  But, here’s the thing: YOU CAN.  Fabulous options exist at every price point, and for every body type.  I recommend a pair with some stretch, because, as one of my clients famously declared, “Sherri, it’s like I’m wearing sweatpants!”  Why, yes. Exactly.
One of my very favorite affordable skinny options is this Mossimo skinny jean, also found at Target.  It’s super flattering, and pairs well with, oh, everything.  Tuck these into boots, or cuff and wear with heels, booties, or ballet flats.
4.  Add a pop of color
Bright colors are huge this spring, and neons are especially on trend.  But, if wearing a hot pink pair of pants makes you feel like it’s 1985 again, emerald green is an equally fashionable option.
Named Pantone’s color of 2013, emerald green is super wearable on most skin tones.  A green bib necklace, like this one, is an easy way to incorporate the trend, without going over the top.
5.  Throw on a long cardigan
A long cardigan is an easy way to pull together your look, and is a great alternative to a sweatshirt.  Still warm? Yes.  Still easy to chase your toddler across the park? Yes, again.  Belt it, pair with your skinny jeans, and guess what?
You have a new mom-iform.
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