5 Passionate Truths About You

Relationship Design, Simplicity

Guest post from Dr. Todd Sellick of A Private Affair.

How are your New Years Resolutions going?
Still making it to the gym?
Eating healthier?
Taking your spouse on a date?
The Internet world is filled with New Years Resolution talk every year, there are countless blogs aimed at self improvement and personal development … yet, a vast majority of people fail to follow through with whatever goal, plan, dream, resolution they make.
Do we simply dream too big?
Or, is it more likely that life gets in the way?
We each know the things that consume us each week. You know what I’m talking about … the things that are mostly non-negotiable but often feel like a waste of time.
Often, our lives are dominated by the tyranny of the urgent. The immediate replaces the important. Stephen Covey advice, “the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.”
So riddle me this …
How would you fill in this blank?

Any time spent  _____________  is absolutely not a waste of time!

What’s the very first thing that came to your mind?
Now, ask your husband or wife for their “first response.”  Any surprises there?
I wonder if we might do better to brainstorm with this simple question for just a few minutes.
Instead of tangible goals or resolutions, see what pops into your brain, in one minute or less, list…

For me, any time spent  _____________  is absolutely not a waste of time!

1.  ____________________________________

2.  ____________________________________

3.  ____________________________________

4.  ____________________________________

5.  ____________________________________

Got them? Five passionate truths about who you are when you are most yourself!
Now write these down somewhere.
Five reminders about what’s really important, what matters, what will make the difference in the long run, have enduring value, you name it.
Ask your husband or wife to do the same. No cheating please. Compare notes and perhaps discover something about the other.
My suspicion is that these five ideas might be a bit more stimulating and rewarding than your garden variety resolutions.
Someone once remarked that “the main disease of old age is regret.”
Do you think this may be true?
Incorporate these 5 things in your life and I’d imagine that regret at the end will be non-existent.
Build off this list and create a marriage of your dreams! Do something big. While there may be struggle involved along the way … I’ll bet most everything I own that there will be little, if any, regret.

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!”  ~ Goethe

Adapted from my friend Dr. Todd Sellick of A Private Affair. Click on the link and enter for a chance to win his game. As someone who’s played A Private Affair many times, you’ll want your own.

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