5 Benefits Of Exercise For A Healthy Marriage

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Post written by Melanie Thomassian of Dietriffic.

We all know that staying healthy and fit has enormous benefit, not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally.
But, did you ever stop to consider that being fit and healthy can contribute to a healthier, more satisfying marriage as well?
Why? Well, we tend to be better partners, and often more enjoyable people to spend time with, when we are healthy, fit and active.
Here are just some of the ways being healthier can improve your relationship with your partner.
1. Increased Energy
People who are active and fit on a regular basis tend to have more energy, and enthusiasm, to bring to their life.
That means you will have more spirit and liveliness to share, and this can bring a new sense of vitality to your relationship.
2. Increased Self-Confidence
Contrary to popular opinion, we don’t get self-esteem from having people tell us how great we are.
It comes from accomplishing things that are important to us. But also from having an inner peace about those things that happen outside of our control.
Being fit shows us that we can indeed overcome obstacles and reach goals, and gives us a sense of power in determining our circumstances.
These feelings of self worth carry over into our relationship, too.
People with better self esteem tend to have fewer problems with jealousy, and a lesser need to control others.
This translates to a freer and stronger marriage all-round.
3. Exercising Together Fosters Closeness
Couples who work out together often find that they become closer emotionally.
Whether it’s long walks at the park, or working out at the gym, exercising with your spouse in this way means you are accomplishing a difficult task together.
This can strengthen your emotional bond as a couple, and gives you a chance to spend more time together, too.
4. Improved Intimacy
The added energy and improved body image which comes from being fit and healthy often leads to a greater sense of physical intimacy.
Again, this adds a greater sense of closeness with your partner, and further strengthens that bond between you both.
5. Reduced Stress
Stress overload is a real killer of both physical and emotional intimacy.
Fortunately however, research shows us that those who workout regularly are better able to handle the normal daily stresses, which we all face.
Regular exercise also helps to improve your mood, and tends to reduce the fight or flight response to stress. This means less chance of getting into unnecessary arguments.
To put all of this in context, we are generally better people to be around when we are fit, healthy and happy.
This can only add up to a healthier and happier marriage long-term.
Even better, if you pursue your fitness goals with your partner, you can add a significant source of bonding and shared experience to your union.
Why not sit down with your spouse to set some fitness goals, which you can work on together, as you strive to become a healthier and happier couple?
Staying healthy and fit is one of the best things you can do for your marriage — so, what are you going to do about this today?
Melanie Thomassian is a registered dietitian, health writer, busy wife, and mum. Her goal is to promote good health and better lifestyles in the online community. For more healthy eating tips check out her blog.

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