20 Ways to Start a Romantic Spring

Relationship Design

This is a guest post from Roman Soluk of Optimistic Life.

After several years of married life many couples forget that a romantic atmosphere is essential for adding depth to the relationship.
It’s easy to get stuck in the web of everyday problems and forget to take advantage of a few minutes just to hold the hand of their spouse, to embrace them, or to listen to them.
An important aspect of a relationship between the two lovers is the level of emotional intimacy.
Just think for a moment, how much time do you devote to your spouse?
How do you express your love to each other?
You can add some romance to your everyday interactions in some simple, but oh so important ways.

How to make this spring more romantic

  1. Arrange a walk on your old places – the park, where you met each other, the square, where you first kissed, go to your favorite cafe or a bookstore.
  2. Start a diary, which will describe the most touching and important moments of your relationship, and ask your spouse to do the same. After a couple of years you’ll enjoy reading your past pleasant moments.
  3. Keep a box of memories, where you will put all the memorable stuff, funny postcards and other symbolic items. It can also keep your pleasant memories.
  4. Make pictures of yourself on a vacation, at home, on a walk or a picnic. It’s great to watch these happy moments of your life in future.
  5. Make collages using your best photos – they are a perfect way to create a romantic mood.
  6. Meet your spouse after work in a nice dress (or a suit), try to look amazing. And ask him for a dinner in a restaurant.
  7. Start writing small notes to each other when you’re gone for a short period of time. Buy for this purpose special paper, envelopes, etc.
  8. At least from time to time have a breakfast together in a cafe, with hot croissants, cappuccino or fresh juice.
  9. Give gifts for no reason – any nice things in a holiday package, delicacies or sweets.
  10. Sign up for a dance studio and learn to dance some great Latin dance. Be sure to show off your skills in a club or at a party.
  11. At least once a week turn off your computer, a phone and a TV and spend time together, without any distractions.
  12. Candlelight dinners are not a movie cliché, but a good way to quickly make your relationship more romantic.
  13. Write long, beautiful and romantic message and cut it into pieces, in the manner of a puzzle, and give it in the envelope to your spouse.
  14. No matter for how many years you have been together – arrange a date at the cinema. Wait your beloved there, don’t go there together.
  15. Send her some present to her job with a gentle note inside.
  16. Write each other love messages. Simple, but very effective. Imagine yourself being a teenager again.
  17. Choose any day of the week and arrange a small holiday – with a bubble bath, dinner and dessert in the bedroom.
  18. If you are already married, arrange the wedding again! Without the registry, but with a beautiful dress and a ride in a limousine.
  19. Go to some city you haven’t been before. Have a walk, enjoy the sightseeing.
  20. Spend a night in a luxury hotel.

Remember, being romantic doesn’t mean only presents, surprises and/or giving flowers. Everything depends on your behavior and the things you tell your spouse.
Try something new, bright and interesting, something that you haven’t done before and that both of you will love.
And how do you create a romantic mood? What ways do you use?
About the author: Roman Soluk is the founder and editor of Optimistic Life, where he shares his experience on self-improvement, relationship and optimistic lifestyle.