19 Ways to Be Romantic Every Single Day


RomanceFebruary is often referred to as the month of love.
In the stores you see boxes of chocolates, stuffed animals, and red roses in full bloom.
Yes, February is a great time to think about romancing your loved one.
But what happens in March? Or the rest of the year?
Do you go back to your daily routine and forget all about the romance?
What if you could be romantic, if only in small ways, every day?
You can!
Big Gestures are Nice, but Not Necessary
Being romantic doesn’t always have to mean showing up in the limo dressed in a tuxedo with an arm full of roses.
Those gestures are nice enough, and always welcome, but it’s the little things that happen on a daily basis that can often have a greater cumulative effect.
In fact, by taking time each day to remember the romance, you’re marriage will be strengthened in a slow but consistent basis.
The Key to Daily Romance
Making time for romance on a daily basis may seem overwhelming. Work, school, household chores, and so forth can all get in the way.
The goal here isn’t to have to get dressed up and go to the city to eat at a fancy restaurant.
The focus is simply to be mindful of your spouse and to keep the spark going.
Below are some random ideas that you can do on any given day. None of them take much time but are certain to help you remember the romance.
Quick Ideas for Every Day Romance

  1. Look for and voice a compliment – focus on what’s good about your spouse and let them know it! Get it out of your mouth and into their heart.
  2. Smile at each other – a real, determined smile is sexy.
  3. Leave a love note – an oldie but a goodie. Leaving notes, especially surprise notes, is always welcome.
  4. Sext – caution: make sure you have the right phone number!
  5. Long hug – there’s always time for a long hug, even if you’re off to work or some appointment.
  6. Long kiss – nothing beats a long kiss. Many times it can lead to more good stuff.
  7. Hold hands – hold hands with your partner while out and about or sitting next to each other at home.
  8. Share a joke – it could even be an inside joke. Being able to laugh together opens the way to love each other.
  9. Make a sexual innuendo – send a reminder that you’re attracted to your spouse with a little gesture or suggestion.
  10. Sit next to each other (dinner, TV, etc) – just plain sitting next to each other is often overlooked but is great for remembering to keep each other close.
  11. Cuddle before sleep – this can often lead to sex but it doesn’t have to. Simply embracing before falling asleep shows that at the end of the day, your spouse is the most important.
  12. Go for a walk – getting outside and moving together is a chance to get closer and opens the way for more intimacy.
  13. Share a dessert – make your spouse his or her favorite dessert and enjoy it together slowly and mindfully.
  14. Prepare special food or food in a special way – similar to dessert, make your partner’s favorite food. Try doing it in a special way like shaping the pancake into a heart or whatever it may be!
  15. Back or head massage – few things are more relaxing and often seductive than a good back massage or head message.
  16. Quickie or Longie – romance isn’t just about sex but it’s a big part of it. Short on time? Try a quickie. If you have more time, perhaps a “longie” is in store.
  17. Do a chore – it’s easier to feel romantic when your partner did a chore you normally do. Gratitude often paves the way for romance.
  18. Groom yourself – maybe your partner likes it when your hair looks a certain way or when or you’ve just shaved. A well maintained appearance always improves romance.
  19. Dress sexy – last but not least, put on that special shirt or those sexy jeans. Often, just how you’re dressed can be enough to induce romantic feelings.

Try some of these out and see what happens!
Romance can and should be a daily ritual. It fosters your love for one another and promotes a happy and healthy marriage.
What about you? What are some ways you’ve found to up the romance on a daily basis? 

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