19 Must Read Blogs for Married People, Plus Several More


Last year I wrote a post about 20 must read blogs for married people. This post included many of the sites I regularly read at the time … but as time has passed, some have gone away or dormant, while others have rocked along and even expanded.
What follows is an updated list, and almost all of these are in my feed reader.
These sites are worth your time and will help you in your life and relationships. Also, this list is not a marriage focused list. Instead I’ve chosen these sites based on their life improvement focus.

  1. Zen Habits. Written by Leo Babauta, who’s created one of the largest blogs out there. He covers a range of self-improvement topics from creating new habits to getting in shape to relationships. (There is also now Zen Family Habits which as the name signifies, is all about family).
  2. Simple Mom. One of the catch phrases for Simple Mom is “Zen Habits with an apron.” Tsh Oxenreider offers very practical tips and advice for managing life as a mom – I am still a columnist on Simple Mom. Tsh also has several “sister” sites worth reading as well (Simple Kids, Simple Bites, Simple Homeschool, and Simple Organic).
  3. The Simple Dollar. Written by Trent Hamm, who focuses on financial talk for ordinary people. Full of great tips and advice discovered from personal experiences.
  4. The Discomfort Zone. If you’re interested in a quirky look at things in the life improvement world, Tim Brownson’s your guy. His posts are full of great information and his take on life will help you in almost every situation.
  5. Man vs. Debt. Written by Adam Baker, he and his wife and small child, sold all their stuff to pay off debt and travel around the world. Did you catch that, they paid off debt and traveled around the world. Baker’s created a great community online where you can follow their journey as well as share your own.
  6. Donald Miller. Best selling author (and one of my favorites) regularly posts about life, spirituality, and his take on things. If you like any of his books, you’ll love his blog.
  7. The Fluent Self. Havi Brooks writes and has several products aimed at helping you get destuckified. She writes for people who are bright, thoughtful and creative – and possibly kind of kooky.
  8. Dumb Little Man. This is a site with a collection of tips, stories and advice, written by a lot of different authors. If you’re looking for a range of tips and topics, Dumb Little Man is a great place to start.
  9. The Art of Nonconformity. Chris Guillebeau has a goal of visiting every country in the world within 3 years. Thus far he’s made it to over 130 and created quite a following along the way. He writes regularly about living a non-conforming lifestyle. His writing is insightful, challenging, and real. Plus he has some great products that will help you live the lifestyle you want as well – you can check them out here. (Full disclosure- I’m an affiliate of his products)
  10. The Confident Mom. Susan Heid, a columnist here at Simple Marriage, wants to help busy moms find clarity, control and confidence in order to re-energize your role as a mom, home and family manager and potential as a woman.
  11. Mom Grind. Vereed DeLeeuw looks to help moms deal with the daily grind of motherhood. But she quickly realized that giving advice bores her – she’d rather ask questions than answer them.
  12. Art of Manliness. A blog dedicated to uncovering the lost art of being a man. AoM is authored by husband and wife team, Brett and Kate McKay, featuring posts helping men be better fathers, husbands, and men.
  13. Enemy of Debt. Brad Chaffee writes to help people take control of their finances and to motivate and inspire financial discipline by focusing on behavior and truth.
  14. My Super Charged Life. Jeff Nickles writes to help people find success and meaning in their life.
  15. Organizing Your Way. Mandi Ehman considers herself an organizing junkie, and as far as I’m concerned, everyone needs to know at least one organizing junkie.
  16. The Bold Life. Tess invites you to think bold, feel bold, and act bold… and live your dream.
  17. Writer Dad. Sean Platt is a gifted writer who takes you with him on his journey through life as a husband and dad. Currently he is swamped with writing gigs so Writer Dad is not updated regularly, but when he does write, it’s worth the read.
  18. Peace and Projects. Melissa is also a columnist here on Simple Marriage, but her main site offers great insight on life, love and getting things done.
  19. Simple Marriage. It’s not just because this is where I write, it’s the only resource I’ve come across specifically designed to assist you in experiencing more in marriage and life. Marriage is about growing up.

I’m sure there are other gems out there in the blogosphere, so if I’ve missed one, please add it in the comments.
While the above list didn’t include marriage and relationship focused sites (aside from Simple Marriage), there are several really good sites worth noting.

  1. Engaged Marriage. Dustin is also a columnist here at Simple Marriage, but his main site seeks to provide information and motivation for people that want something more from life and agree that their most important relationships shouldn’t be mired in mediocrity.
  2. Project Happily Ever After. Alisa Bowman is a writer who chronicles her journey through marriage. She shares real, raw, and honest information. If you’ve been married any length of time then you’ll like her posts – I know I do.
  3. The Marry Blogger. Stu Gray spent several years reading everything he could about what would make a stupendous marriage. His blog shares what he’s found thus far.
  4. Project M. Written by Kathleen Quiring, she started this project in hopes of telling the truth about marriage as well as dispelling some of its myths.
  5. One Extraordinary Marriage. If you like podcasts on marriage and life then you’ll like Tony and Alisa. Some of their postings are written but most are via audio podcast. Tony and Alisa hope to help every married couple discover more intimacy in their marriage, and share how their journey has impacted them.
  6. Anonymous 8. This is a group of 35-55 year old women who talk about everything.  From the secrets of the bedroom to little-talked-about female issues. This is a safe place to find advice, answers to embarrassing questions, and ideas on how to spice up your intimate life.
  7. Life Gems 4 Marriage. Lori Lowe wants to strengthen marriages and families by sharing stories of others as well as her own.
  8. Happily Married After. David and Thea Patrick write on the fact that marriage is not always “sunshine and puppy dogs.” They hope to prove to the world that you can be married, faithful and HAPPY.
  9. Confessions of a Loving Wife. Shannon O writes about love, marriage and the adventures of  domestic life.

Once again, there are probably other marriage and relationship sites worth mentioning, if I’ve missed one then please add it in the comments.

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