12 Ways to Ruin a Date With Your Spouse

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Bad Date

Post written by dates and romance columnist Sean Marshall of Family Rocketship.

As a married couple, it’s important to date.
But you already know that.
What you may not know is the WAY you’re dating your spouse may be the difference between an average night and a truly romantic night.
It’s easy to get used to each other. After all, you’re supposed to let your guard down in marriage right?
Letting guard down, yes. Stop impressing each other, no.
A date is to strengthen your marriage by continuing to get to know each other, do things together, and generally just spend time together.

The Wrong Way to Date

With that in mind, here are 12 things to do if you intend to ruin a perfect date with your spouse.

  1. Bring up old girlfriend/boyfriend stories – talk about some good times that you had with an old fling
  2. Play with your phone or tablet instead of talking – be sure to play your bird or zombie game while you wait for your dinner to arrive or in the car while your spouse drives
  3. Take non important calls – it doesn’t matter if it’s a buddy or your mom, go ahead, take that call!
  4. Wear your work clothes – just go straight from work onto your date. Scrubs, construction clothes, even your muddy boots – it won’t matter!
  5. Have no plan of what to do – just get in the car and figure it out on the way. Besides, he/she was going to plan everything anyway, right?
  6. Have a boring date planned – it’s OK to go to the same place over and over, especially when all of your bowling buddies are there! (Hot tip – this way you can avoid that deep conversation your spouse has been wanting to have)
  7. Let your bodily sounds be heard – hey, everyone has to let one go every now and then? Why hide it from your spouse? He or she’s used to it anyway!
  8. Don’t compliment your spouse on the way they look – it’s just the same thing he/she always wears anyway
  9. Complain about everything  – the whole point of getting together is so your spouse can hear you unload all of your pet peeves and annoyances from your day
  10. Let your eyes wander to see what else is out there – hey, you’ve been married a while, you’re not going anywhere. A little looking never hurt anyone!
  11. Talk about yourself the entire time – the whole point of dating is for your spouse to get to know you better so talk away
  12. Be sure not to touch but still plan on sex – you’ve been married a long time, there’s no need to hold hands or even kiss

The Right Way to Date

Take the list above and do the exact opposite.
Dating your spouse is important. Dating your spouse the right way is important.
Go on dates and be sure to do it the right way!